RGURSF requests RGU to reconsider decision to close hostels

Staff Reporter

RONO HILLS, 27 Apr: The Rajiv Gandhi University Research Scholars’ Forum (RGURSF) on Tuesday requested the RGU authority to reconsider its decision to close the university’s hostels.

Members of the RGURSF met with the registrar on Tuesday and submitted a memorandum highlighting that RGU’s decision was “not only insensitive and undemocratic in nature but anti-student,” adding that “the scholars should have been consulted before taking such a drastic step.”

While the scholars condemned the “pressure tactics used by the university administration to forcefully evict students presently residing at various halls of residence who are pursuing their research,” they said they are aware of the severity of the Covid-19 situation and are “determined to act in accordance with the rules formulated by the competent authorities.”

It pointed out that research scholars’ hostels in neighbouring universities like the Tezpur University, the Dibrugarh University, the Guwahati University, the NEHU, the NERIST and the NIT are allowed to function with SOPs in force despite positive cases having been reported in the campus premises.

“In such situation, we see no merit in closing down RGU hostels in the name of Covid-19 precautionary measures,” it said.

Requesting the RGU administration to follow suit and be more considerate towards its students on humanitarian grounds, the RGURSF requested RGU to find an alternative solution to minimize the transmission threat and maximize safety protocols within the campus.

The scholars’ community said that it is “determined and obligated” to maintain and practice all Covid-19 SOPs strictly in all the four halls of residence. The scholars have also expressed desire to sign an undertaking that “RGU would not be held responsible” if anything untoward occurs.

The scholars residing in different hostels have resolved to not vacate the hostels at any cost, and also strictly follow the SOPs formulated by the competent authorities, including vaccination.

If RGU does not find an amicable solution, the scholars said they would “have no other option left but to resort to democratic means of protest to seek justice.”

Many postgraduate students are set to leave by 30 April as the university authority did not wish to negotiate in the matter.