RGUSU criticizes RGU’s gag notice

RONO HILLS, 4 May: The Rajiv Gandhi University Students’ Union (RGUSU) criticized the notice issued by the RGU administration on Monday and said that it firmly stands against RGU’s “gag notice cum distasteful content.”

This was in response to the RGU authority’s Monday’s notice, wherein it said that it has taken serious note of “distasteful messages about the university authority and its functionaries” on Twitter by some employees and a few students, and asked those who indulge in such activities to “refrain from doing so” or face “strict action.”

Condemning the “dictatorial attitude of the administration for using their vested powers to suppress dissenting voices,” the RGUSU said that “such intimidation from the administration’s side to suppress students’ voices is unacceptable and uncalled for.”

“The notice is lowering the image and standard of a university campus. Curtailing the freedom of speech and expression is against the spirit of democracy under Article 19(1) (a) of the constitution,” it said.

The union also expressed sadness that paramilitary forces were called to the campus to handle and contain students who were peacefully protesting against the hostel eviction notice.

It also criticized the show cause notice issued to research scholar Prem Taba for spearheading the protest.

“These incidents have portrayed a negative image of our university to the general masses and the students’ fraternity feels wronged by such lackadaisical decision taken by the administration,” it said, adding that “the RGUSU and community-based students’ unions of the RGU stand against such incompetent acts of the administration.”