AAPSU concerned over current state of affairs in education dept

ITANAGAR, 23 Jun: The All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) has expressed serious concern over the current state of affairs in the education department following appointment of the special education secretary as the director-in-charge of elementary education.

The union said “the state government should refrain from taking any such decision, which will have adverse effects on the teaching community and the students indirectly in the long run.”

“If there is any vacancy in the department, the post should be duly filled by following the established norms,” the union said in a release.

As per the Arunachal Pradesh Education Act 2009-10, the union said, BEd, APTET/CTET qualification is mandatory to become a teacher. The post of the director in the education department too follows the same norms and teachers are promoted to the said post from a teaching background, the AAPSU said.

“We are of the strong opinion that a responsible position, like the post of director of elementary education (DEE) or the secondary education of higher & technical education should be helmed only by persons, who have served in the department,” the release said.

The state government should be more considerate towards the genuine demands of the teaching community and effectively work towards resolution of any issues flagged by them, it said.

“If the teaching community is affected, lakhs of students studying across the state will also be directly or indirectly affected,” it said.

Extending its support to all the demands placed by the teaching fraternity through the Arunachal Teachers’ Association, the union urged the state government to look into it without any delay.

“Further, we strongly stand by our earlier opposition to the cabinet decision taken on 2 June, 2019 for only one director for school education by merging the posts of the director of elementary education and the director of secondary education and reiterate our demand for revocation of the said cabinet decision in the greater interest of both the teaching and the students’ community of the state,” the release added.