Health camp for highland animals conducted

DIRANG, 30 Jun: Fifteen livestock farmers from Lobrang, Dirang Basti and Barsi regions participated in an ‘awareness-cum-health camp’ for highland animals of Nagajimbu and Broksarthung, organized by the National Research Centre on Yak (NRCY) here in West Kameng district on Wednesday.

During the camp, NRCY Senior Technical Officer Dr Mokhtar Hussain briefed the participants on health management, scientific feeding and reproductive management and treatment of highland animals.

Scientist Dr Joken Bam spoke about the importance of vaccines for protection of highland animals against different bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases, and “the hygienic aspects of clean milk production with their value addition,” while scientist Dr Aneet Kaur spoke about genetic and breeding management of the animals.

Later, the beneficiaries were provided with medicines for treatment of their animals, animal feed and common salt.