Culture and sale of African Catfish or Thai Magur banned throughout state

ITANAGAR, 14 Jul:  The department of fisheries has put a ban on the culture and sale of African Catfish commonly known as Thai Magur (Clarias gariepinus) in the state considering its adverse impact on the native species and on the ecosystem.

An order issued by state Fisheries Secretary Bidol Tayeng on Wednesday, stated that ‘the Supreme Court and the National Green Tribunal has also validated the ban on the species and directed state governments to destroy the stocks and farm of the said species of fish.’

The ministry of fisheries, animal husbandry and dairying, GoI has also banned the culture of

Thai Magur (Clarias gariepinus) all over the country and urged respective state governments to strictly implement the ban order by taking immediate step to destroy the available stock of the said species.

“The DFDOs are directed to monitor the market on regular basis, confiscate and destroy these products. If found being illegally sold by any fish vendor/farmer in the state then they be let off with veiled warning for first thus offence. Necessary assistance in this regard may be sought from the district administration. Local PRI leaders and administration be convinced as regard to its long term implication and adverse impact on aquatic ecosystem and be involved fully for effective implementation of this order. Wide publicity may be given among the general public and local fish traders/farmers throughout the state for generating awareness and strict adherence. Any violation of this order shall invite legal action as per the provision of law or in terms with the provisions of Arunachal Pradesh Fisheries Act, 2006 under Section 6 sub section (2) clause (a),” the order read.