GPC denies allegation of DoTCL fund misuse, says works well executed

ITANAGAR, 2 Sep: The Longphong village gram panchayat chairperson (GPC) has denied the allegation of misuse of DoTCL fund amounting to Rs 39,43,000 by the Longding PWD division against construction of a general ground and an approach road in the village, and claimed that the works were “well executed.”

GPC Abo Wangsu said that a complaint in this regard was submitted to the governor on 31 August by two villagers, Aching Wangham and Laichat Naham, of Longphong village, seeking the governor’s intervention in the matter.

Terming the allegation baseless and politically motivated, Wangsu said that “all developmental activities at village level, including the construction of the general ground and the approach road in Longphong village, are well-monitored by the team of gram panchayat members.”

He claimed that the works in question were well executed by the Longding PWD division in 2019-20, and that the work was also geotagged, “as demanded by the system.”

“The most reliable geotagged photos of the said work speak out of the quantum of truth we are claiming. However, with the onset of monsoon, the road is witnessed to be flooded by rains and sliding owing to earlier road cutting. In this regard, we already had talks with the PWD to look into it, to which the department gave a positive nod,” Wangsu said.

He claimed that “the whole matter is politically motivated, in order to malign the image of the people-friendly government,” and requested the print and electronic media to “refrain from entertaining such unauthorized claimants.”