NEHRO demands removal of illegally dumped wastes

NAMSAI, 3 Sep: The North East Human Rights Organization (NEHRO) has drawn the attention of the Namsai DC, the Arunachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board chairman and the Namsai UD&H division executive engineer (EE) towards the dumping of garbage all along the Old Ghat road and on the floodplains of the Noa Dihing river here, and demanded immediate removal of the waste materials.

The NEHRO said that solid waste is dumped on the floodplains regularly by the Namsai UD&H division, thereby causing massive pollution to the soil, the river and the groundwater.

“If the waste materials are not removed immediately, it may create serious threat to human health and environment as well,” the organization said.

It demanded immediate removal of the legacy waste that has been dumped over the past few years in the Old Ghat area by properly segregating them.

The NEHRO also demanded proper and scientific solid waste management, action plan for treatment of legacy waste (if any), identification of a designated waste disposal area, initiative for segregation of wastes at the source, and “restoration of ecology that got damaged due to unmindful dumping of solid waste in Old Ghat.”