NBK seeks release of last installment of fund for construction of bridge

BOLENG, 14 Sep: The Nugong Banngo Kebang (NBK) has urged the state government to release the last installment of fund for the constructing the Nugong bridge over the Siang river in Siang district.

“This bridge connects the forgotten Abor (Adi) land where late Williamson, APO, and his doctor, late Dr Gregorson, along with other sepoys were assassinated in March, 1911, which culminated into the Anglo-Abor war of 1911-12,” the NBK said.

The foundation stone of the bridge had been laid by the then chief minister, late Dorjee Khandu, on 12 December, 2008.

“Under the leadership of MLA Ojing Tasing and Chief Minister Pema Khandu, the long-pending work was funded for restarting of the construction work. After long-drawn-out effort for 13 years under their guidance, the Nugong bridge project over the Siang river was connected on 1 June, 2021. The bridge now requires the last fund installment to complete the remaining finishing works like fitting of deck plate, wind cable, etc. The PWD went to the extent of taking amount from private sources in interest but that amount too has been used completely for the bridge,” it said, and fervently appealed to the state government to ensure early completion of the bridge “as such lifeline bridge cannot be left incomplete to be ruined due carelessness.” (DIPRO)