APPSCCE aspirants write to CM, seek amendment in recruitment rules

ITANAGAR, 1 Nov: A group of APPSCCE aspirants on Monday submitted a representation to the chief minister, seeking amendment of the 80:20 ratio and other criteria in the existing recruitment rules of the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Combined Competitive Examination (APPSCCE)-2019.

Claiming ambiguity in the recruitment rules, the aspirants in the representation stated: “In the APPSCCE Rules 2019, it is mentioned that it abides by the office memorandum, OM/No 54/2006, dated 7th January, 2008. However, the office memorandum in question itself is conflicting and ambiguous. The office memorandum outlays the procedure for selection of candidates for appearing in viva voce, ie, the qualifying marks and the ratio to be maintained. However, no definite instructions have been given so as to ascertain which criteria needs to be prioritized (ie, which is more important, the qualifying marks

or the maintenance of 1:3 ratio). Furthermore, since the APPSCCE has adopted the UPSC pattern, the selection procedure applied till date becomes obsolete. Due to the aforementioned issue, many candidates were left aggrieved during the recently concluded APPSCCE 2020, wherein only 141 candidates for 111 posts were called for personality test.”

The aspirants suggested removing the 2008 office memorandum and adhering to the UPSC norms of qualification, ie, minimum of 10 percent marks in each subject and minimum mark of 25 percent in English as qualifying subject. They also called for strict adherence to maintenance of the 1:3 ratio in the personality test.

They also suggested “compulsory addition of state-specific and Northeast topics in the syllabus weighing up to at least 30 percent marks in each paper.”

Calling for immediate amendment of the existing 80:20 ratio of job reservation, the aspirants stated, “The state is alarmingly staring at an unemployment rate of 11.1 percent, which is way more than the national average unemployment rate of 7.2 percent, compounded with the fact that the average demographic dividend of Arunachal Pradesh is almost 60 percent of 13.84 lakhs population as per 2011 census. The state government must reconsider and amend the present 80:20 ratio to the ratio of 95:05 or even 100 percent as Arunachal Pradesh being a full-fledged scheduled tribes state is constitutionally empowered under Article 16 (4) for such reservations.”

The aspirants further recommended relaxing the physical standard norms for the post of APPS (DSP) for female candidates, proper implementation of the yearly calendar for conducting examinations, and setting up of a committee to assess the present recruitment process.