World Pneumonia Day observed

RAGA, 12 Nov: The Kamle district medical department observed World Pneumonia Day (WPN) by launching the Social Awareness and Actions to Neutralize Pneumonia Successfully (SAANS) programme and conducting an awareness programme on rabies here on Friday.

While Senior Veterinary Officer Dr Dari Tallang stressed on prevention and treatment of rabies by unvaccinated dog, DRCHO Dr Kapu Sopin made a presentation on WPN and SAANS, and highlighted the importance of preventing pneumonia in children under five years of age “by early identification through ASHAs and health workers.”

MS Dr Nani Tarang, DANO Dr Yadar Kabak, medical officers, nurses, paramedics, AFs and ASHAs attended the programme.

In East Siang district, the day was observed with the theme ‘Pneumonia nahi toh bachpan sahi’.

Launching the event, DMO Dr Kaling Dai said that “proper immunization can help prevent pneumonia and even low-cost antibiotics can treat the disease if properly diagnosed.”

DRCHO Dr Tatok Gao informed that pneumonia is one of the main causes of child death in the country, contributing to 14 percent of the under-five mortality rate (MR).

“In Arunachal Pradesh it contributes to 6.25 percent under-five MR. The main objective of the campaign is to intensify action for reducing mortality due to childhood pneumonia in India to less than three per thousand live births by 2025,” he informed. (With input from DIPRO)