12 karatekas selected for Commonwealth Karate Championship

ITANAGAR, 5 Sep: The Arunachal Pradesh Amateur Karate Do Association (APAKA), under the aegis of the Karate India Organisation (KIO), has selected 12 karatekas and four officials to represent India at the 10th Commonwealth Karate Championship, which is going to be held in Birmingham, England, from 7 to 8 September.

The team includes Lipin Ete, Kina Sipa, Bake Tarium, Yame Gyadi, Mesom Singhi, Abab Sangdo, Anand Cheri, Kaya Dada, Nabam Rade, Yarda Tadap, Tajar Nilling, Marli Ete, Neelam Nochup Bulang, Bulang Marik, John Bagang and P Nobin Jomoh, the APAKA said.

It informed in a release on Monday that the players, along with the officials, have joined the national team in New Delhi.

Further, the APAKA strongly condemned the publishing of the list of selected players for national and international karate games by the Arunachal Karate Association (AKA).

“The AKA has published those players’ names which were selected by APAKA under the aegis of KIO. As the KIO affiliated state karate body, it is us who shall publish and select players for the national and international karate games,” the APAKA said.

 “The AKA is a KAI recognised and affiliated state karate association, which has already been de-affiliated and derecognised by the WKF, whereas the APAKA is the only rightfully recognised and affiliated karate body to KIO and WKF,” the release added.