Promote religious tourism sites

A ‘joint civil-military religious adventure trek’ to religious site Athu-Popu in Dibang Valley district was flagged off on Tuesday from Anini. Twenty-nine civilians, including seven women of the Idu Mishmi community, are participating in the trek, along with personnel of the Spear Corps. The team will pay reverence to the sacred religious site which has a special significance for the Idu Mishmi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. The trek is expected to be completed in 17 days. The army, as well as the Dibang Valley administration and members of the Idu Mishmi tribe deserve to be appreciated for organising this trek.

There are several places across the state that hold religious as well as spiritual significance for various tribes of the state. Such places need to be identified and promoted. Today, outsiders are using religion as a tool to grab the tribal land by spreading all kinds of fake stories relating to tribal faith to their religions. They are not only distorting our tribal faith and history with these kinds of obnoxious fake mythological stories relating to us with their religion but also grabbing our land and rivers. By the time we realise what we have lost, they will be owning the majority of land in Arunachal, using religion. There are many places like Athu-Popu all over the state. The department of indigenous affairs should identify such places and make efforts to promote them.