SBI’s Guwahati circle gets new CGM

GUWAHATI, 30 Nov: Vincent Menachery Devassy is the new chief general manager (CGM) of the Guwahati circle of the State Bank of India.

Devassy, who has taken the charge as the CGM on Tuesday, has an experience of over 38 years in the banking sector. He held various positions in a wide range of domains including retail banking, international banking, IT and sectors like wealth management.

Before joining the Guwahati circle SBI, he was heading the Anytime Channels of the bank at corporate centre in Mumbai which caters to managing the ATM network, Swayam Kiosks, Green channel counter and cheque deposit kiosks of the bank.

Devassy had also worked in states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Earlier, he was associated in a foreign office of the bank in New York as vice president (personnel & admin) for four years.