Assam officials attempting to derail boundary talks

The people of Kangu circle have raised banners of revolt against the Assam government’s effort to try to capture Durpai, Sogum and Champakchojo. The locals allege that Assam is jeopardising the effort of both the governments to resolve the boundary dispute by making claims over these three villages, based on the Bordoloi Commission report, which was never accepted by Arunachal Pradesh. At a time when both governments are making efforts to try to resolve the dispute based on the Namsai Declaration, the attempt by Assam officials to illegally capture three villages is unfair.

The Namsai Declaration was signed after the chief ministers of both states – Pema Khandu and Himanta Biswa Sarma – held a crucial meeting with the cabinet ministers of the two states in Namsai in July 2022 with the motive to “restrict or minimise the boundary disputes between the two states in respect of 123 villages placed before the local commission by Arunachal in 2007.” As per the history of the area, Durpai, Sogum, and Champakchojo have never been part of Assam. In fact, Durpai is considered to be one of the largest Galo villages. All the development works in the area have been purely funded by the Arunachal government. The Assam officials should understand the ground reality and stop making such kinds of demands which can only derail the process initiated by chief ministers of both states.