Explosives, generators being used for fishing in Noa-Dihing

[ Pisi Zauing ]

MIAO, 28 Jan: After a gap of two odd years, fishes of various sizes and species are being openly sold in and around Miao township in Changlang district again.

There are reports of large-scale fishing in the Noa-Dihing river. It is learnt that people are using explosives to hunt big fishes in the deep waters, while generators are used for small fishes.

The Miao administration had served several notices in the past, banning the use of explosives and generators for fishing. Following the strict executive orders, illegal fishing had stopped for two years. However, in the absence of follow-up initiatives, the Noa-Dihing river is again being frequented by miscreants openly carrying explosive materials and generators on their backs, without any fear of the law.

Big fishes thrive only in the span of the river flowing within the jurisdiction of the Namdapha National Park. Eyewitnesses say that fishes in the comfort of the world-acclaimed national park are being brutally killed by miscreants.

In a joint release, the United Miao Mission and the Miao Singpho Ramma Hpung have appealed to the local administration and the departments concerned to check the large-scale fishing.

“Traditional method of fishing can be practised, but the use of explosives, generators and other lethal ways cannot be encouraged,” the release read.

“Domestic and international tourists are pouring in Miao subdivision, and aquatic beings play a vital role in attracting them. It is therefore the duty and responsibility of everyone to contribute to preserving the tourism prospects, attractions and aspects of the region,” it added.