Friction within the PAJSC

The anti-corruption movement that had started over the APPSCE paper leak scam is now turning political and has created deep division among the members. Ever since the paper leak scam scandal hit the state, the Pan-Arunachal Joint Steering Committee (PAJSC), under the chairmanship of Techi Puru and vice chairman Tadak Nalo, has led a strong movement, inspiring thousands of youths in the state. The non-political nature of the movement, coupled with the clean image of the two leaders, helped the movement gain momentum and witnessed massive support for them from across Arunachal Pradesh.

But now it seems like there is friction within the PAJSC. Just a day after vice chairman Tadak Nalo announced that Techi Rana, who is also an important member of the PAJSC, would contest as an MP candidate from the Arunachal West seat, PAJSC chairman Techi Puru announced that the PAJSC has nothing to do with it. Nalo also announced that the PAJSC would form a political party after the election. On the other hand, Puru made it clear that they will continue to be apolitical and focus on the paper leak scandal. The anti-corruption movement started by the PAJSC is one of the most important movements in the history of the state. It sustained for a long time due to proper coordination among its members. It is saddening to see its members bickering among themselves at this juncture. Hopefully, they will sort out the differences and continue to focus on their goal, which is to ensure that everyone involved in the APPSC paper leak scandal is arrested and punished for their crime.