DA issues monsoon advisory

LIKABALI, 29 May: The Lower Siang district administration has issued an advisory for the people of the district in view of the onset of monsoon.

Deputy commissioner Rujjum Rakshap asked the people to take all necessary precautionary measures to avoid or reduce the risk of monsoon-related disasters during the upcoming monsoon.

“Monsoon brings heavy rainfall, landslides, and risk to loss of life and property, but with adequate precaution, disaster like situation can be minimized,” the DC said.

Rakshap, who also is the chairman of the District Disaster Management Authority, asked the people to refrain from venturing into rivers and streams for swimming, fishing and avoid landslides/sinking and flood-prone areas. The DC further advised the people to not block nallahs, streams and water pathways by constructing structures over them or throwing garbage or waste materials into them, avoid night journey during the rainy days unless it is an unavoidable necessity.

The people have also been advised to keep sufficient stock of essential items and prepare an emergency kit  containing non-perishable food items/dry fruits, torch, batteries, drinking water, a first aid box containing essential medicine etc., storing

the kit in a readily accessible place in case of power outages or evacuations,  to avoid unnecessary travelling during heavy rain.

The administration has also prohibited quarrying activities, such as extraction of boulders, sands etc., from the river banks during the rainy days.

The DC advised the people to contact the DDMO (9436046786), Likabali Police Station OC (8131019883) and Likabali Fire Service OC (8732075913) in case of emergency or disaster like situations. (DIPRO)