DC for coordination between military, civil admin for disaster mgmt

LIKABALI, 9 Jul: Lower Siang Deputy Commissioner Rujjum Rakshap emphasised the need for establishing a strong coordination between the military and the civil administration for better and effective disaster management in the district.

Addressing a host of officers from the ITBP, the GREF, the PGCIL, and the NHIDCL, besides the district’s HoDs during a meeting here on Tuesday, Rakshap said that better coordination between the civil and military administrations can go a long way in handling disasters and disaster-like situations more cohesively and effectively.

He emphasised the importance of meticulous planning to tackle any kind of disaster and thereby minimising the extent of damages.

“Monsoon preparedness should be taken very seriously by each department and it should be ensured that a nodal officer is appointed within them to take care of the activities relating to the disasters and also maintain accurate status of the inventories, human resource and materials for quicker response,” the DC said.

Rakshap directed the district disaster management officer (DDMO) to “take holistic steps to review and update the district disaster management plan (DDMP), 2023 at the earliest.

The meeting was convened to review the district’s preparedness for the prevailing monsoon, as well as to discuss and share ideas and knowledge to formulate a more vibrant and effective disaster management plan for the district.

Likabali-based GREF’s 519 SS&TC OC Col Rohit Bahl, while sharing his experiences in handling disaster, categorically identified “the importance of critically managing equipment and understanding the handling of disasters in such situations, when the existing telecommunications network shall crumble and sharing vital information is restricted.”

“Regular drills, at least every two or three months, is a must, without which all other preparations are meaningless. We need to conduct recce by liaising with the local people to acquaint ourselves with the activities to be handled during actual disasters,” Col Bahl said.

Likabali-based ITBP’s Deputy Judge Attorney General Sanjay Kumar Yadav emphasised on constituting a quick response team “which is effective and can be activated at call of time and is capable of coordinating the district administration with the Army, paramilitary forces and the police during natural calamities.”

Likabali ADC Mokar Riba said: “The DDMP should be disseminated to the members and it should not be a one-time activity to be taken up only in the monsoon, but rather be a continuous activity carried out round the year.”

Earlier, DDMO Alokong Perme placed the disaster management plan of the previous year for discussion, and sought constructive suggestions from “the experienced members, including the officers of the armed forces, who are more adept in handling disasters as a part of their profession, so that the new DDMP would be more vibrant and effective in handling disasters.” (DIPRO)