Drunk driving in the name of festival

Dear Editor,
With utmost respect I would like to let people know something that happened to me and I believe it must have happened to others in one way or another.
Few days ago as I was going back to home from office there was huge traffic jam at Doimukh near the railway over bridge. I was just waiting for the jam to clear so that I can reach home and take some rest, but then a Tata mobile vehicle came from behind and hit my car. It was a viswakarma murti visarjan group.
When I came out of my car and tried to enquire the driver was already overloaded with booze and he had a beer bottle in his hand. He wasn’t even able to speak nor was he in any sense to talk. Moreover as I waited and watched it became clear that jam was because of the murti visarjan groups. The funny thing and the thing that made me angry is that not a single person in all those trucks, buses, autos, cars, two wheelers were in proper state of mind and all of them were drunk.
The drivers were all in another world. People with beer can in their hands were dancing in the streets which caused jam. Even the young kids who have not reached the teenage stage were all drunk. What I want to question is that kyun pooja ke naam mein drunk driving allowed kiya?? It was a mass drunk driving situation. Even in our local festivals we don’t cause such kind of harassments to the public. This letter is not about any religion but the way one practice it. Inside my heart I am very much saddened to have seen all that.
PS-Enjoy as much as you can, but not at the cost of yours or someone else’s life. Something must be done though.
Bharat Waii Sonam