Office under threat

Dear Editor,
Amidst controversies arising out of APPSCCE (Prelims) 2017, I would like to draw the attention of all concerned regarding problems of APPSC.
One of the problems of APPSC is the shortage of manpower. There is acute shortage of Officers and supporting staff in the Commission. After 2014 paper leakage episode, there was talk of strengthening the establishment of APPSC but there is no sign of strengthening the Commission till today. One condition for smooth working is to provide adequate manpower. Every work in APPSC is very-very sensitive. Every mistake becomes a big issue. For such work, it is advisable that no Officer/employee is overloaded. Shortage of manpower can be evident from the following facts.
All manpower of APPSC were diverted to APPSCCE (Prelims)2017 works for about 2 months, keeping the other recruitment works pending. We worked even on holidays. Alas! Our hard work and dedication have gone in vain. Other recruitment examinations are also important though APPSCCE is the mother of all exams in the state. Recruitment examinations of many posts which were advertised about a year back are still pending. This delay is only because of shortage of manpower. It is everybody’s wish that all examinations be held as soon as possible. But for this, adequate manpower is a necessity. Delay occur in many stages like issuing of advertisement, receiving and entry of applications, scrutiny of applications, setting of question papers and moderation, conduct of written examination, evaluation of answer scripts, managing of subject of subject expert for technical posts for viva-voce and conduct of viva-voce. It is also important that every possible facility be provided to its officers/employees.
It is also pertinent to mention that authority should take a serious look into the security of office. APPSC office is easily approached and gheraoed by aspirants. If this trend continues, then functioning of office will be under serious threats.
Section office APPSC