Maths, science teachers sought

ITANAGAR, Jun 15: Mechukha (West Siang)-based Boh Ramo Bokar (Adi) Elite Society has requested the director of secondary education (DSE) to post mathematics and science teachers to the government secondary schools in Monigong and Tato circles in this academic session.
In a representation to the DSE, the group said no mathematics and science teacher has been posted to the Monigong school since its upgrading in 1997.
“The students of the school have been performing poorly year after year due to the lack of mathematics and science teachers,” is said.
The secondary school in Tato, which was upgraded in 2017, is without a mathematics teacher, the group added.
It said several representations have been submitted to the authority concerned for the posting of mathematics and science teachers to the schools but there has been no response from the higher authority.