Speaker convenes meeting on Covid-19, urges all not to panic

ITANAGAR, Mar 20: Legislative Assembly Speaker PD Sona convened a meeting at his office here on Friday evening in view of the Covid-19 pandemic.
“Everyone is fighting a common enemy at present, which is not only invisible but also highly contagious,” Sona said, and suggested to the officers and staff of the state assembly to “take utmost preventive measures.”
He, however, advised them not to panic “as the disease is not deadly and can be avoided by adopting social distancing, maintaining hygiene, etc.”
Union Women & Child Welfare Ministry Joint Secretary, Dr Sajjan Singh Yadav, who also attended the meeting, also made the same suggestions.
IDSP State Surveillance Officer, Dr L Jampa, who was also present, urged the officers and staff of the assembly to be “alert but not panic.”
“Awareness is very crucial, and everyone should disseminate correct information among the masses,” he said.
He informed that though no Covid-19 case has been reported in the entire Northeast, the state’s health department is fully prepared for any eventuality.
He also said that the mortality rate due to Covid-19 “is very less, comparatively,” and asked the people not to panic but create awareness.
Legislative Assembly Secretary Kago Habung also attended the meeting. (Speaker’s PR Cell)