Forum alleges unreasonable terms and conditions in NIT

ITANAGAR, 20 Apr: The All Arunachal Pradesh People’s United Forum has alleged incorporation of unreasonable terms and conditions in an NIT (No EDA/uniform/319/2019-20, dated 26.03.2021) floated by the secondary education director, and sought early rectification of the same.

In a complaint letter to the state’s education commissioner, the forum on Monday claimed that under Clause 2 (b) of the tender, it is required that the minimum average annual financial turnover of the bidder during the last three year ending on 31 March of the previous year should not be less than Rs 5,000 lakhs.

“The cost of the tender is Rs 32,79,86,600 and thereby putting the condition of minimum average annual financial turnover of Rs 5,000 lakhs during the last three years is unreasonable and biased. The said condition has been incorporated in the tender with the motive to deprive the genuine and competent class of contractors from obtaining the said tender work and to create an environment so as to compel the competent contractor not to proceed with the tender. Also, the terms stated in Clause 1 of the said tender are invalid because there is not a single manufacturer in the country which manufactures school uniform cloth, belt, tie, sweater and shoes with socks together in a single manufacturing unit,” the forum alleged.