Advertise vacant posts

Dear Editor,
With the passing of each year, unemployment is increasing in our state.
Unemployed youths are aware that many Group –B Posts such as Tourist information officer (TIO), Tax and excise inspector, Motor vehicle Inspector (MVI) are laying vacant. With the creation of new districts, numbers of vacancies have also increased.
Years back Khandu government increased upper age limit but his good gesture is going waste as hundreds of people will be over aged in few months for want of advertisement.
Now, rumor is doing the rounds that these posts have already been filled as elections are near. But we have faith on pro –youth chief minister and he will prove it as false by advertising all the vacant posts soon.
In our state, even opposition party seldom speak on unemployment problem whereas good numbers of voters are youths.
If both government and main opposition party do not take this issue seriously, we unemployed youths are also not going to take them seriously in upcoming elections. Politicians should understand that there is anger and frustration amongst unemployed youths for non advertisement of vacant posts.
Therefore unemployed youths appeal to chief minister to advertise all the vacant group- B posts before the end of this year.
A citizen