District malaria elimination task force meets

TAWANG,  Oct 7: The first meeting of the members of the district malaria elimination task force (DMETF) unit of Tawang district was conducted on Thursday where Deputy Commissioner Sang Phuntsok stressed on giving awareness to the public on maintaining cleanliness, proper segregation of domestic and other wastes.

National vector-borne disease control programme (NVBDCP) Itanagar Public Health Consultant, Dr T Loyi explained the role of the DMETF members in the malaria elimination programme and gave detailed information on the programme and its implementation, preparation of district and block-level micro plans.

Speaking on the breeding grounds of mosquitoes, DMO Dr Wangdi Lama said, “worn-out tyres lying in garages of the township area and unused de-husking stones and contaminated water in it are one of the best breeding grounds for mosquitoes, and we need to give awareness in this regard to the garage owners and workers.”

He further requested the CDPO to sensitize the Anganwadi workers and ASHA workers in this regard at the village level.

NVBDCP District Programme Officer, Dr Thutan Tsering explained about the powers and functions of the DMETF members and gave information on the status of malaria in Tawang district. (DIPRO)