Development remains a far cry for Riga villagers

[ Prafulla Kaman ]

RIGA, 23 Dec: Road, healthcare and other modern facilities remain a far cry for the people of the historic Riga circle in Siang district.

Senior villagers of Riga, including public leader Tabi Mize, former Anchal Member Taki Tasing, Farmers’ Association secretary Taping Tali and local gaon burahs lamented that successive state governments, despite their repeated appeals, did not pay attention to the development of the area.

“We are crying for all-weather roads and modern healthcare facilities, besides setting up of small-scale industries. We have abundant crops, fruits, vegetables and cane and bamboo productions, but are unable to supply them to the markets due to lack of road communication,” said theĀ  villagers.

The villagers said there is no link road to Riga EAC headquarters. The Riga primary health centre, which was established during the British era in 1940, is still waiting for improved infrastructure and modern medical facilities.

The Riga Middle School, which too was established during the British rule and later upgraded to secondary level, has also been left unattended in terms of infrastructure development and posting of teachers.

Women and child care services given under the social welfare department remain a distant dream in Riga circle as the Child Development Project Office (CDPO) set up a few years back is lying abandoned.

The supply of food and other items to the anganwadi centres are also reportedly on halt for years.

There is a private mobile service provider operating in Riga village but it cannot provide smooth mobile and internet services to subscribers.

Riga village is located on the right bank of the Siang River around 200 km from Pasighat town in East Siang district.

The place, popularly known as ‘Rigu Kumtin’ is said to be the ‘place of origin’ of the Adi and Mising tribes, presently living in different parts of Arunachal and Assam.

Riga area is blessed with nature’s bounties with huge potentialities for agriculture, horticulture, apiculture and allied activities. However, the potentialities are yet to be harnessed due to lack of technological and political will.

The villagers are also demanding the state government to develop the historic Gueng and Diyung lakes, Mahing Ngurak (Bee hive host), ‘Large Cracked Stone’ and ‘Arrow Stone’ in Riga village into tourism spots.