Stakeholders discuss garbage mgmt

ITANAGAR, 24 Aug: A meeting to discuss waste disposal and garbage management in the rural areas of the Itanagar capital region (ICR) was convened on Tuesday by Deputy Commissioner Talo Potom with the ZPMs, GPCs and GPMs.

Jollang GPC Tana Taha Tara said that, to solve the issue of garbage disposal within his jurisdiction, he has introduced the system of garbage management and disposal within Jollang area. He said that the initiative has been started with the aim of making the denizens self-reliant.

ZPM Tok Tama and the other panchayat leaders said that, with the aim of becoming self-reliant, they have been managing garbage disposal within their respective jurisdictions, but requested for a vehicle for collecting and disposing garbage.

Various schools and colleges in and around Jollang area, like HIM International School, Eklavya Public School, Mema Hostel, Don Bosco College, and others informed that they have their own mechanism for disposing of waste, saying that they segregate the wastes as biodegradable and non-biodegradable.

They informed that all the garbage is disposed of within the campus itself while some are recycled, too. However, they also requested for a proper garbage disposal mechanism to be started.

The DC urged the ZPMs, GPCs and GPMs to identify a location as a dumping zone. Lauding GPC Tara, he also urged them to find innovative ways and to become self-reliant in the matter of garbage disposal.

Earlier, PHED EE Tadar Mangku briefed about various proposals of the department for waste management, like dumping zone for plastic, garbage lifting vehicle, etc.

Among others, EAC Datum Gadi attended the meeting. (DIPRO)