Yania, Karki enter into women’s singles final in DK State Badminton C’ship

ROING, 9 Nov: Taring Yania will play against Pinky Karki in the women’s singles final of the 8th Dorjee Khandu State Badminton Championship.

Yania came from one set behind to beat Laa Yajum 13-21, 21-14, 22-20, while Karki eased into the final, defeating Nisha Upadhya 21-10, 21-10 at Naba Ita Pulu Indoor Stadium here in Lower Dibang Valley district on Tuesday.

In the boys’ U-19 singles, Laa Robin will meet Nikhil Chetry in the final.

Robin entered into the final, beating Lobsang Choidrup 21-8, 21-12, while Chetry defeated Nabam Dochi 21-17, 21-10 in the semifinals.

Charu Jaji pairing with Pinky Karki beat Laa Talar and Laa Yajum 21-16, 21-16 and entered into the final of the mixed doubles event.

Jaji and Karki will play against Akshay Raito and Irani Sonowal, who beat David Ngomle and Yumlam Mopi (21-7, 21-16), in the final.

In the men’s doubles, Akshay Raito and Raja Gupta beat the duo of Bikom Boje and David Ngomle 21-19, 18-21, 21-13 and entered into the final. They will play against Laa Talar and Laa Tukum in the final. The Laa brothers beat the duo of Kenjom Tacha and Raj Thapa 21-9, 21-14 in the semifinals.

In the girls’ U-19 singles semifinals, Napi Tayam beat Montily Pul in a keenly contested match to reach the final. Pul displayed a spirited fight before losing the match 21-19, 13-21, 23-25 to Tayam in the semifinals.

Tayam will meet Dolma Tamang, who beat Gunzan Gongo 21-5, 21-11, in the final.

Raj Thapa and Kenbi Riram will meet Nima Tenzin and Gunzan Gongo in the U-19 mixed doubles final. Thapa and Riram entered the final, beating the duo of Duyu Tubin and Tayo Rini 21-14, 21-11, while Tenzin and Gongo defeated Uku Linggi and Avali Miyu 21-15, 18-21, 21-10 in the semifinals.

In the boys’ U-19 doubles, Kirto Nyorak and Nikhil Chetry will play against the pair of Gejum Riram and Raj Thapa in the final.

Nyorak and Chetry entered the final, beating the pair of Dai Weshi and Doming Kayin 21-15, 21-14, while Riram and Thapa defeated Gulab Chetia and Sourab Sanowal 21-14, 21-9 in the semifinals.

Other semifinal results:

Boys’ Singles U-13: Manku Taku beat Gunveer Gongo 21-5, 21-18 and Samuel Tamang beat Dopum Neri 21-17, 21-7;

Girls’ Singles U-13: Beryl M Saring beat Hema Jebisow 21-8, 21-5, and Adam Doyom beat Bamang Yazir 22-20, 19-21, 21-17.

Boys’ Singles U-15: Nabam Isaac beat Geson Potom 21-17, 21-17, and Samuel Tamang beat Manku Taku 21-14, 21-12.

Girls’ Singles U-15: Wulla Linggi beat Khoda Punya 20-22, 21-14 19-6 (retd), and Beryl M Saring beat Gelina Doji 21-5, 21-12.

Girls’ Singles U-17: Dolma Tamang beat Neha Taku 21-14, 21-13, and Montily Pul beat Napi Tayam 21-19, 21-16.

Boys’ Doubles U-13: Gunveer Gongo + Samuel Tamang beat Nantiwa Choupoo + Sujanan Khen 21-11, 21-18, and Licha Gumsh + Nabam Oken beat Bamang Tugung + Dopum Neri 21-17, 22-20.