Water purification unit inaugurated

SENUA, Mar 15: MLA Tanpho Wangnaw inaugurated a solar-powered smart water purification unit at Senua village in Longding district on Sunday.
Situated on a hilltop, Senua is a source of water supply to various parts of Longding town as several streams originate here, but the villagers themselves had to face water scarcity perennially. The water purification unit is expected to improve the situation to a great extent as the solar-powered plant will pump water upstream towards the village.
DC Cheshta Yadav, who was present at the inauguration, described the project as “a gift for the villagers on the auspicious occasion of Oriah festival.” She said the project has the potential to “change the outlook of the society.”
The DC sought cooperation from the people of Longding in solving the town’s water crisis. “Let us not discuss the failure of certain projects but strive together to improvise them,” she said.
Wangnaw termed the project “a boon.”
“Senua has been supplying water to the town and other villages for decades. Also, the villagers have been very cooperative in the implementation of all kinds of government projects,” he said.
The MLA advised the girls of the village to “draw inspiration from the DC and strive to be like her.”
Heads of departments, members of the public and local dignitaries were also present. (DIPRO)