Trg in organic farming imparted

AMLIANG, Aug 27: Thirty-eight farmers, women SHG Tamladu’s members and rural youths participated in a training programme on ‘organic farming techniques’, organized here by the Anjaw KVK on 27 August.

During the programme, horticulture specialist Rebecca Eko delivered a lecture on the concept of organic farming or natural farming techniques, and its advantages over the traditional and inorganic farming.

“Organic farming is a specific type of farming where chemicals are usually not added to the soil, thus conserving the soil, environment and protecting our health against different health hazards,” she said, and advised the farmers to grow their crops naturally.

Agronomy scientist Khoisnam Naveen spoke on water conservation in agriculture, its importance, and techniques like jalkund.

This was followed by a field programme on popularizing the concept of nutritional gardening and promotion of IARI vegetable seeds of brinjal (pusa hy-5), chilli (G-4), bottle gourd (PH-3), bitter gourd (preethi) and okra (arkaanamika).

The farmers were exposed to the success of the different varieties of IARI seeds, as well the advantage of “nutritional garden in collaborative mode.”

Progressive farmer Danelu Ama translated the lectures in the local dialect, Digaru Mishmi, to make it easier for the farmers to understand.