Monday, February 19, 2018

Do we need a national language?

Dear Editor, It is undisputed that India does not have a common language. The way Hindi is promoted seems by many as a threat to...

The curious charm of the security cell

Dear Editor, People need to know, what is so lucrative about security cell that every police personnel of the state want to be attached with...

ISBT and Garbage

Dear Editor, I would like to ask the concerned authority that after the inauguration of the ISBT, why the buses are still plying in between...

New developments but hardly confidence building

Dear Editor, With the cancellation of the APPSC 2017 Prelims examination held on 26th of November and the subsequent declaration of the Commission of intention...

Install electric pole in centre of road as divider

Dear Editor, An employee of Power department asked me for Chai Pani money for shifting the overhead HTL/LTL line passing beside my Building premises due...

Precious natural resources and the biodiversity

Dear Editor, South and South East Asia represent one of the most biodiverse regions of the plant with tremendous biodiversity seen nowhere else in the...

Finding a realistic solution

Dear Editor, Recent violence in the Rakhine state of Myanmar has brought the immigrant issue back to limelight. Reports have estimated that more than 4...

Commission of Copy and Paste

Dear Editor, I would like to appeal all the members of Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission to give up their respective posts on moral ground...

Siang is dying

Dear Editor, Siang is Sick and crying for care and support. Siang, one of the longest and important rivers of India is in sick bed...

Comedy of errors

Dear Editor, When the judges become noisy plaintiffs, who will deliver the judgment? This was the kind of unprecedented situation that we witnessed last week....


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