Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Does the syllabus really matter for APPSC exam?

Dear Editor, I, one of the aspirants of APCS, would like to share through your daily about my experience in the last Prelim exam. This time,...

Safety and security of passengers

Dear Editor, The passenger harassment by cab drivers and their arrest is in the news and through the popular Readers Forum, I want to tell...

Be the change you wish to see

Dear Editor, Mahatma Gandhi, the man who inspired human rights movements worldwide, all by living the simple nonviolent life he preached, once said: "You must...

A scam

Dear Editor, A scam is happening right under our nose. Recently I have noticed, in fact many of the people especially the unemployed youths too...

Declare Assistant Audit officer results

Dear Editor, It has been a month since the written examination of Assistant Audit officer has been conducted in which only 68 candidates who made...

Dilapidated roads

Dear Editor, I would to like draw attention towards the dilapidated road condition in Itanagar. The so-called high profile four laning road project of Chandranagar to...

Shift Tuesday market

Dear Editor, I would like to express one of my regular-weekly angst and grievances that I am facing helplessly these days being a resident of...

Release salaries

Dear Editor, This is to draw the attention of the education dept towards 6 month delay in disbursement of salary of vocational teachers under Samagra...

Arunachal Pradesh: A land that doesn’t belong to us

Dear Editor, To an Arunachali, natural resources such as rivers, forests, and land are not inanimate non-living things, but part of its family. We personify...

Cakewalk for some

Dear Editor, The recent APCS (prelim) exam 2017 conducted by commission was totally biased in nature. After appearing the exam, we are in mental agony as...


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