Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Save nature

The two major butterfly meet conducted recently in the state have lead to recording of more than 350 species in the state. The North...

Prices of petrol & diesel soaring

The prices of petrol and diesel are soaring making life miserable for the citizens. The costs of petrol and diesel have soared to record...

False nationalism

The state of Kerala is now looking to get back on its feet after two weeks of massive flooding. But extending relief to the...

Hard lesson

Even as the state was coming to term with the horrific rape and murder of a 5 year old girl at Lohit district, two...

Sacrifice in vain

A year ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the scrapping of high-value banknotes which amounted to 86% of currency in circulation. The sudden announcement...

Source of inspiration

The year ending saw one of the positive news emerging out of the state. On the last day of the year state government claimed...

Let democracy flourish

Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Tuesday while attending a rally organized by the youth wing of BJP claimed that he is against the trend...

Growing case of lynching

The incidents of lynching based on rumours spread through social media are spreading like wildfire in the country. In the latest incident five youth...

Take extra caution

It is very unfortunate that five persons in the capital region lost their lives in the devastating floods caused by torrential rain in the...

Agenda for BRICS summit

The BRICS nation will now face its most challenging summit, not because of the West or the developed world, but because of growing differences...


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