Saturday, September 23, 2017

Indian railway and safety measures

Dear Editor, The increasing number of train accidents is alarming and is also a symptom of the rot within. These are needless deaths, which happen...

Plight of flood affected farmers

Dear Editor, After the flood water of Tewai river wreaked havoc during August last, the River Tillaw too flooded the nearby areas and destroyed the...

Drunk driving in the name of festival

Dear Editor, With utmost respect I would like to let people know something that happened to me and I believe it must have happened to...

Need more academic research

Dear Editor, Through your esteemed daily I would like to draw the attention of scholars, faculty towards the history of North East India. North East...

Give more importance to tourism sector

Dear Editor, Arunachal Pradesh has huge tourism potentials. If it is properly tapped and promoted, the tourism sector can bring huge revenue and create huge...

Transfer teachers

Dear Editor, First of all I would like to congratulate the Education department for second phase of transfer of teachers which have been executed recently....

Whom to blame?

Dear Editor, Whom should we blame for Chakma-Hajong fiasco, past Congress Govt? BJP Govt? AAPSU? Local residents of Chakma inhabited area or whole Arunachal? 1) Why...

Safeguard the tribals

Dear Editor, As Indians and Arunachali, we have to respect the order of the highest court of the country which is seeking to grant citizenship...

Intimidation of free thinkers continues

(I) Dear Editor, This refers to your thought-provoking editorial “Intimidation of free thinkers continues” (Sept 12). It is indeed worrying to see that the attacks on...

Wait listed candidates

Dear Editor, Through your esteem column, I would like to draw attention regarding appointment of candidates kept in waiting list. Waiting list appointment is completely...


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